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Good Citizen Awards

Here’s this week’s Good Citizen Awards(GCA) : This week’s Good Citizen Award Winners are: bubles907, jjboogie, and TheCoolGuy89! Congrats!

New BFF Shirts!

Hey guys! Sorry I didn’t get to you yesterday, I was busy. So there’s new shirts that show who your BFF is? Cool huh? According to the Mayor, each shirt has half a heart with you best friend on it. You can buy a shirt with your friend’s face on it! And plus, nonmembers can buy it too!! Woot! So go buy some now! Have fun! 🙂 Sorry, the pic didn’t come out.

 Franktown BFF shirts

Party Anyone?

Who wants to have a party? Please comment here if you do. Maybe we can play games, help others do quests, or just have fun and talk at someone’s house. Ok so please, PLEASE, comment here if you do. I know I do! 🙂

New recycle Quest Launched!

Hey Franktwon rocks peoples! Today they relesed the new, RECYCLED QUEST! Unfortunately, there’s no hints 😦 But it makes it more of a challenge. So here’s this week’s Good Citizen Award: blossom918, missmissy1230, and Drlove1. Congrats! Also, I’ll make sure to post the Recycled Quest Cheats and the School Quest.



Do you think I should have a party soon maybe? If so, plz comment here and I’ll see how many of you want to do it. I hope I can get a lot of you! 🙂

Found the last two!

Hey guess what? Today I was looking for the last two, and I gave up. Then I searched for them and I’d like to give credit to http://franktownrockscheats.com/. Thanks for your help!

29. Go inside City Hall and it’s on top of the police sign.

candy quest 29

30. Go inside the License Room and it’s on the bush.

candy quest 30

Congrats! You completed the Candy Quest!

candy quest prize

I’ll make sure to have School Cheats too. BTW, I can only do this on weeekends cuz of homework.:( So make sure to check back sometime next weekend.