New Cars!

Hey everyone! Guess what? They’ve just launched the, dun dun dun da! FTR COUPE! Fyi, it’s a new sporty convertible car that you can drive all over Franktown Rocks! But they’re only for members! Awww… I know. But THERES A NEW GAME! WOOT! It’s called, the, SUPER TIC-TAC TOE!! Now everyone can play it! Thanks to the members who tested it out! Now it’s, well probablly safe free, but idk. Non-members can find the game in the Coffee Shop. AND GET THIS: You can play against the MAYOR!!! But I heard he’s pretty good. You guys better watch out… Here’s this week’s GCA: Henrieta24, Kristenrox and Sweetlollie! Congrats! Thhey win a FREE ONE-WEEK MEMBERSHIP! SO IF YOU WANT ONE, BE A GOOD CITIZEN THIS WEEK! Don’t forget to come back on OCTOBER 23RD FOR THE HALLOWEEN PARTAY! There will be costumes for both members AND nonmembers! Plus, there will be a corn maze and the new, TRICK OR TREAT 2009 QUEST! Come back for my 1000 hit party on Sunday too! SEE YOU THERE! 😀 😀


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