Halloween Party out!


The Corn Maze is located behind the Coffee Shop, it costs $50 to enter. WARNING: EVERY TIME YOU CHOOSE THE WRONG ANSWER, YOU GO OUTSIDE AND HAVE TO PAY AGAIN. SO MAKE SURE YOU KNOW!!!

corn maze

here are teh cheats:

1. How many strings on an electric guitar? 6 strings

2. Who plays drums in Just Call Me Harvey? Tina

3. Go the way that there is(its one way, go that way)

4. How many Jonas Brothers are there? 3

5. WHo plays keyboards in Just Call Me Harvey? Mimi

6. Who plays lead guitar in Just Call Me Harvey? Harvey

7. Who plays Bass in Just Call Me Harvey? Boomer

8. Who plays a beat? Drummer

9. How many strings on a bass guitar?


candy basket 09


Hey everyone! Sorry for a late post, but there’s lots of things to do!

  • Find the SECRET CORN MAZE in order to get your free PUmPKIN CANDY BASKET and unlock the TRICK OR TREAT QUEST!
  • Check out the Halloween Costumes and new clothes in the Franktown Clothing Company store. There are new things for Non-Members, too!
  • Check out the new Halloween house decorations in the Home Furnishing store, including a new Halloween room theme!
  • There are great Halloween songs in your music player and Halloween videos in the Movie Theater.
  • Get yourself a free Halloween balloon in one of four spooky colors!
  • We’ve got some new Halloween frames and backgrounds in the Photo Booth.
  • The footie jammies make a great start for a costume. Just add accessories and head wear to complete the look!
  • halloween_costumes 09

“Sound exciting? Inviting! Let’s do it then!”-HSM 3

Here’s this week’s GCA:demitraly, SAMABC196 and nanny182000! Congrats! Enjoy your free citizenship! Check back for cheats on the Secret Corn Maze and Trick or Treat Quest!


Get your free dark purple balloon outside the Recording Studio!

  halloween purple balllooons

Get your free orange balloon outside the sports shop!

halloween orange balloons

Get your free light purple balloon outside Rolf’s Pizza!

halloween light purple balloons

Get your free black balloon outside the music store!

halloween black balloon

Get your free green balloon outside the Coffee Shop!

halloween green balloons

Before you play the Trick or Treat Quest, you have to play the pumpkin quest.


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