It’s Halloween!

Hey everyone! It’s halloween! Get ready for more candy, fun, and costumes! Whoo!! But back to Franktown, it’s gotten really dark and stormy…


There’s also new Magic Carpets! But it’s members only; aww.. There’s like 3 parties going on right now, check them out! Hurry! The Trick or Treat Quest Ends on Monday November 2nd!

Here’s this week’s GCA: Elynahary, lilWidget, and Justice213! Congrats! Remember, if you want to be a good citizen and win free membership, just be kind and helpful to everyone. Also, I made a new widget so that you can see the announcements for this week.

Halloween Stuff:

Today, I saw someone dressed up as a banana, french fries, a Facebook person, and a teacher was dressed up as Geico money! LOL!!! It was awesome…


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