New update on page!

I updated on the Web Games Links, which is now Online Games/MC Tracker. It stil has the links for the games but it has a tracker for me if you want to see if i’m online. I’ve also added new games on too.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi everyone! Just wanted to say…


Here’s a image from the Google header; I thought it was pretty cool:

 Happy Thanksgiving


BTW, What are you doing for Thanksgiving?(poll in sidebar)


New! KBS Page

Hey, I just added a KBS page! If you don’t know what it is, it’s Kid Blogger Society where kid bloggers come together from different virtual worlds! Check it out!


Hey, guess what? The PJ Party started!! So go online now and partay! Here are some details:

  • Non-members can party in my office. (Yay!)
  • Members can party in my office OR in the police station. (Awesome!)
  • You can get free Sleep Masks in the party places.
  • You can buy Footie Pajamas in the Clothing Store. (And yes there are some that non-members can buy.)
  • You can get free balloons all over town.
  • The party will last until November 30!

I’ll have some cheats ready soon!

And here’s the GCA: hermionegranger2, krissy03, and munch12345! Congrats!

Free Balloons:

Go outside the Coffee place for light purple balloons.

If you want to meet the mayor, go inside City Hall. He will be waiting for you. He will have a blue quote bubble so you’ll know when he’s there. IF he’s in the Press Room, he’ll be at the front of the room. (Sorry, I don’t have the pic where he talks in blue.)

Here’s his player card:

There’s free sleeping masks in the Mayor’s Office.


New Game! Plus…PJ Party!

Hey everyone! Sorry I didn’t post yesterday. I didn’t have time. So anywayz, the new game Four in a Row came out! It’s at the Barber Shop and you can play against someone else, or the mayor! So the mayor talked to the commitee people adn they said they’re too busy working on the HUGE Winter Party(coming in a few weeks! :D) So no PJ party now… 😦

Guess what though? The mayor thinks it’s not good enough so he’s setting one up himself! Woot! Go mayor! It’s gonna be a Super SECRET PJ party!  It’s going to be next weekend! Here are the details:

  • The Super Secret Pajama Party starts on November 20th at 16:00 Franktown Time.
  • Non-members will have their Super Secret Pajama Party in my office inside City Hall!! That’s right, for this party I am letting non-members in my office!
  • Members will have their Super Secret Pajama Party inside the Police Station.

Woot! So make sure you’re there! Here is the GCA: ShaylaNguyen8910, squirt11 and demirayan453! Congrats! BTW, thanks to Littlesqueaker, in teh RECYCLE QUEST, the newspaper is not on the race track, it’s on the floor in the bottom right hand corner. Thanks Littlesqueaker!

New Game and news

Hey everybody, the Mayor just wanted to say thanks to everyone for making the halloween party awesome!


There’s also going to be a new game callled 4 in a row. It’s a two player game, and you get to play against the mayor too! It will come out Friday, Nov. 13.

Good Citizen Award:

The GCA for this week goes to: aris7777, pinkpinky, and jamie224! Congrats!

New poll

Hey, I hope everyone had a great Halloween! I know I did 😉 I made a new poll that askes how much candy you got. It’s on the Polls page. Also, Daylight Savings ended, so make sure to change your clocks back an hour! Plus, we get an extra hour of sleep! Whoo! I don’t know about you guys, but I love to sleep 🙂 Enjoy!

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