Hey, guess what? The PJ Party started!! So go online now and partay! Here are some details:

  • Non-members can party in my office. (Yay!)
  • Members can party in my office OR in the police station. (Awesome!)
  • You can get free Sleep Masks in the party places.
  • You can buy Footie Pajamas in the Clothing Store. (And yes there are some that non-members can buy.)
  • You can get free balloons all over town.
  • The party will last until November 30!

I’ll have some cheats ready soon!

And here’s the GCA: hermionegranger2, krissy03, and munch12345! Congrats!

Free Balloons:

Go outside the Coffee place for light purple balloons.

If you want to meet the mayor, go inside City Hall. He will be waiting for you. He will have a blue quote bubble so you’ll know when he’s there. IF he’s in the Press Room, he’ll be at the front of the room. (Sorry, I don’t have the pic where he talks in blue.)

Here’s his player card:

There’s free sleeping masks in the Mayor’s Office.



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