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Go to City Square to collect your green ballons

Get your light blue balloons outside the sports shop

Get your light pink balloons in front of the studio.

Get your red balloons outside the Coffee Shop.

Get your white ballloons outside the music store.

Here are the cheats for the Ice Maze;

1) Deck the Halls with boughs of_____

a) Holly –>

2)Jingle Bells Swing and jingle bells ____

a) ring –>

3)Then one _____ christmas eve, santa came to say

a)foggy (up)

4)How many ornaments are there on our christmas tre?

a) 12

5)Keep going right

6)___ around teh christmas tree

a) Rockin’ (up)

7)keep going right

8)you finished! now u get a free photo with santa(mayor)!

Wanna see my picture?

Hey ppls! MERRY CHRISTMAS! HAPPY HANUKAH! HAPPY QUANZA! HAPPY, uh, HOLIDAYS!!! I ran out of things to say… so sorry i posted late. i wuz at my friends haus bcuz its break!!! So, heres wats happenin:

The partay lasts until Dec. 31st! theres partays in ze coffe shup, and ouzide ze movie zeathre. ah huh. its also availblae for non membas too! HO HO HO!!uh, ook.

Franktown Rocks Santa

  • Check out the Ice Maze, you’ll find it outside the Movie Theater in the Party Area.
  • If you make it to the end of the Ice Maze you can get your picture taken with Santa! (btw, santa is mista mayor.)
  • Check out the Christmas party inside the Coffee Shop! You can click on a cup of Hot Chocolate to take it.
  • Non-members can now buy Christmas Stockings for their house in any color!
  • The Christmas Tree Quest 2009 is now open! Find all the hidden ornaments and you’ll win an awesome Christmas tree you can put in your house!
  • Free balloons are available for everyone in one of 5 Christmas colors.


Help donate just 1 dollar for charity, and think about it; you’ll be making someone else’s Christmas even better! So do it, and you’ll feel awesome about it!!!

And now, the G C A Awards Ceremony!!! And the GCA award…goes to… Perenela, Pinkbunny and italiangirl39! Congrats! 3And thanks for being such a good citizen!

I’ll have some cheats very soon! Thanks for your wait!

Here are the Christmas Tree Quest Cheats:

1) go to the shred park and its under the bbench above the fire.(blue circles)

2)Go inside the library and it’s on the left side bookshelf. (red circles)

3) Go inside the rock school and it’s on the face of teh pig statue.(yellow solid)

4) Go inside Home furnishings and its on teh lamp near the bottom of the screen.(yellow diamond pattern)

5)go inside the sports shop and its on the skateboards.(blue diamond patern)

6) Go outside the sports shop and its nxt to the skateboarding thing.(purple stripes)

7) go outside the ice cream shop adn its on teh ground in the crossroad.(yellow circles)

8)go inside the ice cream shop and its on teh counter in teh back underneath the ice cream cones.(purple circles)

9)go outside the barber shop and its on the pig statues hand.(red solid)

10)Go inside the fitness center and its on the left(your left) on the weights.(red stripes)

11)Go outside the theatrea adn its on the beanch.(green stripes)

12) go inside the movie theatrea and its on the tree thats next to the ropes,(green circles)

13)Go inside teh rockheadz store and its on the end of the title rockheadz!(its where the dot is suposed to be:blue stripes)

14) Go isnide the coffee shop adn it s under the shelf of milk cartons.(purple diamond)

15)Go inside  the Record store adn its in teh cd rack on the counter.(orange diamond patern)

16)go inside the city hall and its on  the voting center sign.(orange solid)

17)Go inside the license room and its on the rug in front of the underground testing facillity.(blue stripes up)

18) Go inside the Press Room and its on top of the pole.(purple solid)

19) go isnide the pizza parlor and its on the pool table.(oragne stripes)

20) Go inside the Kitchen and its on the bottom left hand corner.(purple stripes –>)

21) go upstiars to the night club thing and its on teh red beanie.(red diamond pattern)

22) go insie the music store lobby and its on the bottom of the music note in the top right hand corner.(yellow stripes —>)

23)go the real store adn its on top of the gren keyboard.(green solid)

24)go outside the clothing store and its behind the header(brown thing)[orange circles]

25)go inside boathouse bistro and its on teh life raft “food” i think. well, its in teh baot.(green stripes up)

26)go to the park area and is on the hammock.(red stripes up)

27)go outside the ampitheatre and its on the bush.(orange stripes up)

28)go to the ampitheatre and its on the drum hole.(blue solid)

29( go inside the recording studio and its on the palm tree.(green diamond pattern)

30) Thanks to hamster boy 1 and Franktown Rocks Cheats,  go outside the library and its on teh snowed down roof.(yelow stripes up)

Congrats! you completed the quest! heres your reward:


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