New Year’s Party!!

Hey hey hey ppls!1 It’s 2010! can u believe it!!?? i cant. so btw theres a partay going on right now, if u havent noticed 😉 sorry i posted so late, i was  having new year wit my friends. i admit, thers not much to do during this party…

Here are the cheats:(well, theres only one)

Get your free silver party hat at the coffee Shop.

For the members, you can get your free gold party hat inside the mayors office.

so the mayor said there will be more new and better items! yay-a! Also, if u havent finished the christmas tree quest or the maze, you still have a chance too! it goes on till  january 4th. if u havent completed any of it yet, go here. well thats basically it. have a happy new year!!!

btw, i hav to start school on the 4th 😥  im on break now but i hav to go to schol next week. do any of you like school?


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