Friday Yea!

Hey, sorry I haven’t been on for a week. I can’t post on school days bcuz of homewok. sory. but i can post on the weekends! so not much for today but, there is gonna b another PJ Party! Its gonna start nxt friday, the 22nd at 16:00 FTR time. PLUS its a DOUBLE FRANK WEEKEND. Vat does zat mean??? ITA MEANSA, that games will pay TWICE, if u dunno wat that means, it mean u get 2X the money! yea, i kno, awesome right? yea. so also, the GCA(Good Citizen Award) goes to: usaeagle, haddock99, and beiber123! Congrats!

Heres anything else i mightve missed, from the mayor:

  • WHO: Everyone is invited…members and non-members!
  • WHEN: It starts on January 22 at 16:00 Franktown Time. And it ends on January 25th.
  • WHERE: Inside City Hall! The party rooms will be the Mayor’s Office (for everyone) and the Police Station (members only).
  • WHAT: Free ballons and sleeping masks for everyone!
  • WHAT ELSE: It’s our first ever DOUBLE-FRANK WEEKEND!! All weekend long all of our games will be paying out DOUBLE the amount of play money they normally do, so you can load up on Franks twice as fast!
  • WHY: Cuz I love you guys!
  • So, also on the poll, the vote for ‘this wekend’ means THIS weekend. OK? alright latr!


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