About the parties…

Hey, sorry guys but, I’m gonna be so busy this weekend and next, I just cant do the party. Sorry, 😥 i know, its sad. but hey, theres always the PJ party! everyone is invited! heres some info the mayor gave us:

  • WHERE: Inside City Hall! The party rooms will be the Mayor’s Office (for everyone) and the Police Station (members only).
  • WHAT: Free ballons and sleeping masks for everyone!
  • WHAT ELSE: It’s our first ever DOUBLE-FRANK WEEKEND!! From January 22-25 all of our games are paying out DOUBLE the amount of play money they normally do, so you can load up on Franks twice as fast!

Better play this weekend or else…duhn duhn duhhhh!!!! idk, i just felt like doing that. here are the GCA Award Winners: cookskunk10, PeaceAlicia2414, franktown_123! Congrats!!

Here are the cheats:

Go outside the Recording Studio for the bright green balloons.


 Go inside Mayor’s Office and you’l find free sleeping masks.

Get  your free dull pink balloons outside the music store.

Get your free dark blue balloons outsideRolfs piza shop.

Get your free yellow balloons outside the Sports SHop.


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