Get ready for April Fools!!

Hey everyone! Tomorrow’s April Fool’s Day!!! Try to trick your friends in some jokes or stuff. Here’s one that my friend used on me and I actually believed him…

Did you know that if you have an imaginary salt shaker, and you imagine that there’s real salt in there, and you “pour” it into your mouth, you can actually taste it!

Yea, i’m pretty gullible. Anyway, if you’re gonna do that, say it normally. If you don’t, well it spoils the fun. Another one is “Today’s my birthday!”

Another one that my teacher told me was this:

1. take your tv remote when no one’s watching

2. take out the battery and hide it somewhere safe. DON’T LOSE IT!!!!

3. place everything in the remote  back to the way it was and put it back where u found it

4. when your parents try to turn on the tv, it wont work. Say “April Fools!” and put the battery back.

Remember, ONLY do it tmro! not today, on APRIL FOOLS DAY!!

I can assure you, this is no joke. Sometimes they work, it depends how gullible your victim is. Just try them.

All I can say for tomoro is… ALWAYS be on your guard, for you never know what will come next. But, if you dont wanna do that, just let people trick you and HAVE FUN!!


(comment here if your tricks actually work!!! and tell me what they were!)

-MinnyCapricornC 😉


Magic Coin Quest(sorry it’s late guys)

Hey so I had a contest last week to see who would help out the most. Here are the results:

agent,.,. : 33

Franktown Rocks Cheats : 30

Emily: 19

arshad: 1

shaun : 2

And the winner is…agent,.,.!! Congrats and thanks for being such a good helper! You will win a free gift! And thank you to all who participated in this contest!

Magic Coin Quest

new shamrock wands and necklaces.for members leprechaun hats and beards.Coffee sho and mayors house has the game out for non-members march 18 on the mayor’s birthday.

Thanks to agent,.,. here are the Magic Coin Quest Cheats. I’ll get the rest soon.

1. there is a coin in the coffee chop on the tan couch.


2. go outside the coffee shop and its on the back of the other building next to it


3. coin in boogie beach on the bushes to the bottom left


4. go outside the sports shop in the upper right behind the building


5. coin outside the record store on the boogie beach sign


6. one outside the rockheadz store on the bottom left corner


7. there is one coin IN the rockheadz store on the orange cowboy hat


8. one IN the record store to the far middle left


9. coin in the theater.IN the popcorn machine!

10. coin BEHIND the theater in the dumpster

11. coin in the fitness center under the pink ball

12. coin outside the recording studio on the roof


13. one coin IN THE RECORDING STUDIO IN THE PRACTICE ROOM under the acoustic guitar

14. one IN the barbour shop in the plant in the upper right hand corner

15. coin in the ice cream shop in the upper right hand corner next to the gray machine

16. coin in the library right under the right railing

17. coin in the sports shop on the FTR coupe sign

18. coin in the rock school on the books to the LEFT next to the tom-toms

19. one coin in towns square on the pig statue

20. one coin in the pizza shop kitchen in the oven on the left

21. one coin in the rolfs rock room (in the pizza shop upstairs) in the upper left hand corner

22.coin in city hall next to the police door in the bottom right

23. one coin behind city hall on the building roof next to cityhall

24. coin in the clothing store in the scarf on the left

25. coin outside your house on the brown sidewalk thing

26. coin in the music store.then go to the store part and a coin is beside the pianos

27. coin in the boathouse bistro under the table that is closest to the kitchen game

28. coin in the park on the tree closest to the spinning wheel thing

29. coin in the ampitheater in the trees on the right corner

 30. it is behind the library on the tree farthest to the left.

Congratlations You Won The Magical Coins Quest

Help each other out!

Ok here you guys can comment and help each other. If anyone needs help for the Coin quest(which unfortunately i cannot attend 😥  ) ask away! remember, this is also a contest. whoever helps out the most will win a free gift from me. if the gifting does come  out, tell me! BE GOOD!


Hey guys, I’m really sorry, but I can’t do the quest this weekend. I’m going skiing/snowboarding so ill be out pretty much of the weekend. actually the whole weekend. so i wont be able to give you guys cheats. 😥 However, I think I can count on you guys to tell each other or help others with the quest. Whoever helps the most will get a free gift!(once they come out of course. but if they do come out this weekend, tell me!) Do this by commenting! I’ll put up a post that you guys can comment on and help each other. So basically, this is a contest. Whoever helps the most, wins a free gift. Remember, I’m counting on you guys!

“HUGE party!”

Hey everyone! So there’s gonna be a big party next weekend, or as the Mayor said, “HUGE PArty!” They’re for the Mayor’s Bday and St. Patrick’s Day! It’s gonna be from March 12 to the 22nd! It’s going to be everywhere! And nonmembers can take part too! Here are some of the events that are going to be happening:

  • The brand new Magical Coin Quest
  • The brand new Rockin’ Boxes Game
  • Fun new clothes like Leprechaun beards and Shamrock necklaces
  • Free balloons
  • More fun stuff! Mayior Bday

Rockin’ Boxes!

There is a new game for members: The Rockin’ Boxes Game! Members can play this game in the Treehouse and starting March 18, nonmembers can play too! The Mayor said he’s very hard to beat…we’ll see about that. I may find a cheat to help you beat him…mysterious. It’s a two player game, so make sure you(members) try it out!

Membership Sale!(limited time)

Save $20 on an Annual Member Pass to Franktown!! It’s only here for a limited time, so take advantage of it! The year-long membership is on sale for $39.99!


And finally…drumroll…the GCA Awards! And the good citizen award goes to: pizzagirl8, jeydonwale11 and sirya102! Congrats! Enjoy your free week of membership!

That’s all the news for this week. Until then…stay tuned!

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