Get ready for April Fools!!

Hey everyone! Tomorrow’s April Fool’s Day!!! Try to trick your friends in some jokes or stuff. Here’s one that my friend used on me and I actually believed him…

Did you know that if you have an imaginary salt shaker, and you imagine that there’s real salt in there, and you “pour” it into your mouth, you can actually taste it!

Yea, i’m pretty gullible. Anyway, if you’re gonna do that, say it normally. If you don’t, well it spoils the fun. Another one is “Today’s my birthday!”

Another one that my teacher told me was this:

1. take your tv remote when no one’s watching

2. take out the battery and hide it somewhere safe. DON’T LOSE IT!!!!

3. place everything in the remote  back to the way it was and put it back where u found it

4. when your parents try to turn on the tv, it wont work. Say “April Fools!” and put the battery back.

Remember, ONLY do it tmro! not today, on APRIL FOOLS DAY!!

I can assure you, this is no joke. Sometimes they work, it depends how gullible your victim is. Just try them.

All I can say for tomoro is… ALWAYS be on your guard, for you never know what will come next. But, if you dont wanna do that, just let people trick you and HAVE FUN!!


(comment here if your tricks actually work!!! and tell me what they were!)

-MinnyCapricornC 😉


3 comments on “Get ready for April Fools!!

  1. Hey everybody, Happy Fool’s Day!

    Moishe Cohen goes to see his rabbi.
    “I need your advice. My wife just gave birth to a girl.”
    “Mazel tov.”
    “Thank you. Can we name the baby after a relative?”
    “According to Jewish custom, you can name a baby after a departed father, mother, brother”
    “But they are all still alive,” says Moishe.
    “Oh, Im terribly sorry to hear that,” said the rabbi.

    Happy April Fool’s Day!

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