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Me again. Ok, well, I was told…um last week? by a regular visitor and helper agent,.,. that it’s going to be his birthday tomro! I’m telling you today cuz I’m busy tmro. So…


hope you have a fun one! and enjoy your free membership!


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70’s Party! Free Membership!

Hey! It’s the 70’s this weekend!

There’s a party going on! Get the 70’s look and hang around like a bunch of disco dudes! This partay starts today!

You also get FREE membership for today AND tomorrow!

Here’s the GCA Award: aleksandar781631,  QAhamster, baylie1199. Congrats!


Also, you can go inside the Police office, but there’s not much there.

Free flower balloon outside the recording studio.

flower balloons

Free purple swirly balloons outside the music store.

purple swirly balloons

Free red circleish balloon in City Square.

circle red balloon

Easter Egg Quest Cheats and more updates!

Hey guys, sorry it’s late…

So here’s the main stuff. There are 15 eggs in the hunt, it ends on April 12, and hte GCA goes to evangeline708, cuitestkatie and miggles1! Congrats!

Now heres the cheats for the egg hunt:(refresh) (Careful! look carefully, chances are someone’s blocking them!)

1. go to the park and its on the spinny thingy. (blue, green, orange)

2.go outside the ampitheatre and its under the sign(multi-striped one)

3. go outside the clothing store and it’s next to the bench. (orange, red, white checkered)

4.Go outside the music store and it’s on top of the electric guitar(pink polkadotted egg)

5.go outside your house and it’s under the bushes(footbal)

6.go to the city square and its on the pig statues back foot.(blue and yellow stripes)

7. Go outside of City hall and it’s under neath the tree (on the right of the building) (ladybug)

8. go behind city hall and it’s on a tree(on the top right) (camouflage)

9. go to the shred park and it’s next to the bar that’s on the left of the word”GRIND”(pink/purple happy easter)

10. go outside the libaray and its under the bench(green happy face)

11. go behind the library and it’s under a tree.(yellow/purple polkadotted and striped)

12. go outside the barber shop and it’s under the bush under the window sill.(white bunny)

13. go outside the fitness center and it’s in the corner of hte window sill.(blue starred)

14. go outside the tree house and it’s in the middel of the tire(green leaf)

15. go outside the record store and it’s under the big blue sign(green alien)

Congrats! you finished the easter egg hunt!