More News!

Hey guys!

Not much news but, the swimming pool will be available: NEXT FRIDAY, JUNE 4th! Also, it willl be next to da Ice Cream Shop! Well, idk wat that means. Anyone have a guess? AND it will be for nonmembers too! Nice huh?

Anyway, here are the GCA winners…Pretty_Young_Thang, Hayley1884 and sammy123! Congrats! and enjoy your free week of  membership!

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Not much but…

Hey everybody! There’s not much newss but the GCA: destinee8, isumarji, and tukachi60! Congrats! Great job and thanks for being a good citizen.

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Hey I just wanted to wish all you mother’s out there a happy mother’s day! It’s YOUR day so make it special!

Kids, remember to tell ur mom, “You know I love you right?” and if they say yea, say, “Ok, just checking!” thats all you need to tell her. (from the Hallmark E-card)

 anyway, happy mothers day!

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May News!

Hey! I know I haven’t posted in a long time…nothing was new. BUT there is good news!

First of all,(you might wonder why im writin in blue) BECAUSE THERES GIONG TO BE A NEW CITY SWIMMING POOL!! It’s not here yet, but its under construction. wouldnt it be awesome if there was  a special suit to go swimming? sorta like the greenness thingy.

Second thing; more rooms for us to decorate! yaya! but its for members. ONLY. i kno, sux 😦

Third; the Franktown Mall…coming soon, this summer!

Lastly, here are the GCA winners: youdontknow111, mymittens123, and amysoo44! Congrats to you guys! thanks for being a good citizen!

Well, that’s basically the news bulletin for this week. Stay tuned for more info!

-MinnyCapricornC  (:E   (emoicon wit crown! 😀 )