Sorry..this is kinda late..


uh, here’s the GCA! hehe..

And the winnas are: LadyGaladreil, moonlight599, and victoria257! Congrats!

Also, theres new shows showing(ha, shows..showing…) i think they are like the Pirates theme, Shamm wow… yea.

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New Poll

Hey guys!

So  I have a new poll for you! It’ll be on the right side(like it aways is) so that’s basically it i guess.

Sorry I haven’t ben posting fun stuff. theres not much to tell u now tho. I hope the mayor gives us new quests in the summer!

Pool Partay!

Hey guys! sorry 8i posted so late. i got home late.

so anywaz, heres the nwes:

ZE POOL HAS OFFIZIALLY OPEND!! You will find it at the Ice Cream shop.

It’s on the map, to the right of the Ice Cream shop.


heres a pic i took at the pool(its crowded!)

New housing stuff for us NONMEMBERS!! and theres five! Guitar amplifier, blue couch, fridge, shelf and treadmill! nice huh?

Lastly, the GCA goes to… skategirl2000, lila78910, and sarahmarion! Congrats!

Enjoy your time at the pool!

MinnyCapricornC signing out!(phew, its hot today!)

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