More news…

Hey guys! It’s just more news.

First of all, the mayor said the shopping ,mall is coming along GREAT! so well probably be seeing that soon. SEcond, here’s the GCA for this week:thebadest1, MILEYCYRUS145, and OwlCityfan1! Congrats! THanks for being such a great citizen!

kk thats all for now!

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Just GCA…again

Hey guys. Theres not much news…just the GCA.

So, the GCA goes to…dun dun dun da! brit5946, saquibansari, and Brittany132! congrats!

I wish the mayor would bring some new stuff. i wrote a letter to him wondring about it but…


yea. well, latr!

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Happy Fourth of July!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to wish you all a great Fourth of July! Make sure you see some fireworks on TV, amusement parks, or wherever!

Also, I just wanted to let you guys know…Today is my BIRTHDAY!

and you guys know that when it’s your birthday, that the Mayor decorates your room right? well, some of you may not know that, but here’s a pic of the cake he gives you!