Just Good Citizen Award today

Hey, today is just what the title is…GCA.

But congrats to the winners: Kittykatjam1, elziux350 and Shadowarp! Thanks for being an awesome citizen!

BTW, the mayor said hes gonna throw a party of some sort…whatdya think? What kinda party do u guys want? Itd be cool if we could have a water balloon war or something… 🙂

Like the mayor says, “Rock On!”

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967 htis!

Hey ppls! Guess what…

WE GOT 967 hits!! Almost to 1000! man, so close this time!

Thanks everyone and keep coming here for more cheats! 😀

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Found the rest!

Hey guys! Finally found the rest!

But…I couldnt have done it without you guys again!

Here they are:

28. Go to the Boogie Beach and it’s on top of the shop thing.(light blue)

Thank you carol4293.

29. Go inside the barber shop adn its underneath the desk, on the right of the stool.(gray)

Thanks Yvonne.

30. Go outside the sports shop and its on the lamppost.(black)

Congrats! You completed the quest! Heres your prize

Thanks everyone and I hope these cheats help you!

NEw Quest

Hey guys! FInally theres a new quest!!!

Its a Rainbow GUITAR PICK QUEST!!!!!!


 Herest he waktrhough!(im so exited i cants pell right!!!!)

1. go inside boathouse bistro and its on the wooden stage. (brown)

2. Go outside the boathosue bistro and its in the boat.(blue)

3. Go to the park adn its underneath the barbQ.

4. Go outsidethe ampitheatre adn its in the bushes above the sign.(light purple)

5. Go inside the ampitheatre adn its on the drums.(black)

6. Go to City Square adn its on the Pig above the time.(light green)

7. Go inside Rolfs Pizza Shop and its on the plates./(dark green)

8. Go to the kitchen and its nearby the trash can.(gray)

9. Go upstairs and its on the pink chair next to the guitar on the flor.(pink)

10. Go outside City Hall and its on the side of the front.(seafoam green)

11. Go inside City Hall and its on the right light thats next to the press room sign.(yellow)

12. Go inside the License room adn its on the poster.(yellow-orange)

13. Go inside the Press Room adn its on teh microphone.(dark blue)

14. Go to the Shred Park and its on the side of the fire pipe.(red/orange)

15. Go inside the Rock School adn its on the speaker(light reddish color)

16. Go outside the library adn its on the first pig;s hand.(hot pink!)

17. Go inside the library and its behind the couch thats closest to the Rockin Boxes game.(red)

18. Go outside the ice cream shop and its in the bush next to the sign.(green)

19. go inside the icecream shop and its on one of the ice cream cones on the counter.(dark red)

20. Go outside the barber shop and its ontop of the swirly thingy.(dark blue)

21. Go inside the REcording STudio and its on the computer.(white)

22. Go inside the Practice Room and its on the guitar.(light  brown)

23. Go outside the Fitness Center adn its on the photo booth.(purple)

24. Go inside the Fitness Center and its on teh poster.(yello-green)

25. Go inside the theatre and its on the popcorn machine.(dark pink)

26. Go insid ethe Coffee Shop and its underneath the cups.(dark dark brown)

27. Go outside the REcord Store and its on the Boogie Beach sign.(dark purple)

28. Go to the Boogie Beach and it’s on top of the shop thing.(light blue)

Ok well, I;m at the point where I dont know where the last three are. Now its time for OPEN HELP!

Thanks everyone and I hope these cheats help you! 🙂

New Add-on rooms!

Hey sorry I didn’t post erlier. I was on vacation. yea…
anyway, we can now attach new rooms to our home! YAy! 😮
Heres the instructions:
(1.) Go to the Home Furnishings store and click on the video wall. (2.) Go to the Home Decor page. (3.) Click on the Blue Print for the kind of room you want to buy. (4.) Once you buy it, that room is added to your house AND you get an elevator that allows you to go from room to room.

Also, members get 2 add-on rooms and nonmembers get 1 addon room. 😦 not fair.

Oh by the way, now we get free stuff in our rooms! and we get to buy more stuff!

Awesome right? ok! lol, im so weird…
k cya next time!


Hey everyone!

ITs been like a week since I posted right? Well, there hasnt ben much news lately. So, the Mayar asked us a simple question taht I will make into a poll:

Which do you think would be more fun:  (A) Franktown Shopping Mall where everyone can go or (B.) Franktown Music Maker game where everyone can make up their own songs and share them and vote on them with their friends?

I say, uh, actually, i dunno.

Ha, oh well. And here is this weeks GCA! *drumroll* jessie_the_best, skunkdrea, and joshy666! Yay! Congrats! Enjoy your free week of being a memba!


MC 😛

P.S. When I’m a member, I always spend lotsa my money!! ;D

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