New Add-on rooms!

Hey sorry I didn’t post erlier. I was on vacation. yea…
anyway, we can now attach new rooms to our home! YAy! 😮
Heres the instructions:
(1.) Go to the Home Furnishings store and click on the video wall. (2.) Go to the Home Decor page. (3.) Click on the Blue Print for the kind of room you want to buy. (4.) Once you buy it, that room is added to your house AND you get an elevator that allows you to go from room to room.

Also, members get 2 add-on rooms and nonmembers get 1 addon room. 😦 not fair.

Oh by the way, now we get free stuff in our rooms! and we get to buy more stuff!

Awesome right? ok! lol, im so weird…
k cya next time!


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