Hey everyone! I bring you not much news.

This week’s Good Citizen Award are: jacquelinee, gabriella1234, LeaM3344, muriel99 and sweety951! Congrats!

I wanna wish you a happy HALLOWEEN!

tip: if you go to a house where it says take only one, just take all of it! You’ll get more candy that way!


Happy Halloween!

 (www.lifeinthefastlane.ca) thanks for the pic!


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New Quest! Halloweeen PArtay!!

 Hey Peeps! Wassup? Finally the Haloween Jammin Party is here! (refresh)

“Enjoy the spooky songs, new jammies and costume stuff, corn maze, fun decorations and the new Halloween Quest!  This week’s 5 winners of the Good Citizen Award are: Miriam004, BOOKSareGOOD, partyintheusa2, ashley924, and hannahhamster407.” the mayor.

There are parties at the Recording STudio, Treehouse(for members) and behind the theatre.

Here are the answers to the Corn Maze:


Here are the cheats:

1) go to the ampitheatre.

 2) Go inside Franktown Clothing Co.

3) Go inside the music store inside the actual store.

4) Go inside Rolf’s pizza place and go inside the kitchen.

5) go to rolf’s piza place and go upstairs.

6) Go inside City Hall.

7)Go inside the License room and it’s on the counter.

8)Go inside the press room and it’s in front of the podium.

9)Go inside the Rock school and its’ on a desk.

10) Go insid ehte library and it’s on a table.

11) Go insid ethe Sports Shop and it’s underneath the jetpacks.

12) Go inside the ice cream shop and it’s in the back near the window.

13)Go insid ethe fitness center.

14) Go inside the Barber shop.

15) go to the pool

16) go insid ethe movie theatre

17) Go inside the Rockz Shop

18) Go inside the coffee Shop

19)Go inside the REcord store.

20)Go to Boogie Beach.

Congrats! You finished the quest!

I will get pictures in a moment and continue finding the treats. Keep refreshing.

100th Post!!

Hey ppels! its my 100th post!!! yea! ohhkay now.

So i jes wanted u to know for the poll, the ansa was hobbledehoy!

heres the results:

||||||||||||        hobbledehoy : 11.63 %

|||||||||||||||||| sooboye : 25.58%

||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| humphreack : 62.79%

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Yearly Rocktober Partay!

Hey wassup peoples?

so the yearly, annual, or whatever, Rocktober party is coming soon! Includes corn maze too. No shipping or handling neccessary.

So here’s this weeks FIVE, thats right, i said it, FIVE GCA winners:…alexzandria4b, raelyn10, franky15, Harley1003 and Audrey211! congrats!

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