Rocktober party starts!

Hey peeps of FTR! Starting today, there will be free membership from today till October 4th. So  you can buy anyzing u vant!! Ha ha! (wow that was wirrd…) So ya, that’s all!

Peace out!

MinnyCapricornC 8)


6 comments on “Rocktober party starts!

  1. I feel like the most saddest person ever on the earth. My dog died. My favorite my all time favorite dog. I had so many memories with her. She was the all time best. She only lived 3 years. I’ll miss her. She didn’t deserve to die, i take back anything i did to her that was mean but i cherish everything i did that was right. Daisy loved me and i loved her. She wasn’t just a dog…… she was my best friend….. She was my family….. She was….. Me. I’ll never forget her. ;_; ;_; ;_;

    • im sorry about your dog passing away but everything has to die somday i know this must be a hard time for you trust me i know my dog grace passed away too. but the thing you must not do is thing about her cause if you do it will be just a big pitty party so what you should do is to the store buy yourself a nice desert kick back relax and watch tv i know its hard for you not to think about her but either way she was gonna die somday but dont worry you still have your family and friends and thats all that matters i hope you feel better. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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