News for the new Year!

Hey wassup people? Haven’t posteed in a while….

So, you guys probably noticed all that snow…yeah well its gonna melt. 😦 That means our friend Frosty the Snowman is gonna die. BUT just temporarily. Heh, shouldn’t have said that. OH WELL!

Anyway, here’s the regular GCA winners: mollymol96, coolgirl1oo and prettychick45! yay congrats woo. ok, there’s nothing left.


random thing: have you guys heard the donut song? it goes like this:

Welllll, IIIII, walked around the corner
and i walked around the block
and i walked right into a donut shop
i scooped 2 donuts right out of the grease
and i handed the lady my 5 cent piece
weelllll sheeee looked at the nickel and she looked at me and she said this nickel is no good u see
theres a hole in the middle and it goes right through
i said lady theres a hole in the donut too
thanks for the donut
toodle loo

the tune is to Turkey in the Straw. haha. this is random. 😛 My classmates started singing it….

(thanks for the lyrics 🙂


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