GCA and… not much.

Hey peeps! Just reguala news today.

the Mayor added some new songs to the music player(if you didn’t know you could get music, well click on the radio icon at the bottome of your screen adn you can press the x to delete songs and click and drag songs you want)

He also wants new ideas for polls. Come on and bring out your craziness! this is a virtual world after all!

Here’s this week GCA winners: Atorres655, iloveorange and steelers1999. since they were being very helpful, they each get $2,000! Congrats!

Chek back for more news!


random fact: did you know that banana’s had potassium? and that pta

Hey Rockers! We have just added some rockin’ new songs to the music player.  Check them out!!  Can you please send me some fun ideas for new polls we can add?  This week’s Good Citizen award winners are Atorres655, iloveorange and steelers1999…they were each being kind and helpful to other players and have earned $2,000.  Great job!  Enjoy!
Your friend
Mayor Rockworth

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