Candy Quest Cheats

Candy quest

Here are the Candy Cheats:

1. Go to the Boathouse and go to the table.(now it’s boathouse bistro, so it’s next to the dolphin on the right)

candy quest 1

2. Go to the Park Area.

candy quest 2

3. Go to the Ampitheatre.

candy quest 3

4. Go to the Music Store Lobby.

candy quest 4

5. Go to the Music Store.

candy quest 5

6. Go to the Franktown Clothing Co.

candy quest 6

7. Go outside City Hall and it’s on top of the building.

candy quest 7

8. Go to the Press Room and it’s on the curtain.

candy quest 8

9. Go to the Kitchen in the pizza place.

candy quest 9

10. Go to the Shred Park and the candy bar is near the ramp.

candy quest 10

11. Go to the Library and it’s up on the railing.

candy quest 11

12. Go to the Home Furnishings and it’s near the grocery bags.

candy quest 12

13. Go to the Sports Shop and the candy is on top of the Hoops.

candy quest 13

Actually, it’s on top of the shelf.

candy quest 13 real

14. Go outside the Sports shop and behind the gray rings, there’s a piece of candy.

candy quests 14

15. Go to the Barber Shop and the candy is on the chair arm.

candy quests 15

16. Go outside the Barber Shop and the candy is near the spiral thingy.

candy quests 16

17. Go to the Recording Studio and the candy is on the buttons.

candy quest 17

18. Go to the practice room and the candy is near the stereo.

candy quest 18

19. Go to the Fitness Center.

candy quest 19

20. Go outside  the theatre and the candy is near the picnic bench.

candy quest 20

21. Go inside the theatre and it’s near the popcorn.

candy quest 21

22. Go outside the Treehouse.

candy quest 22

23. Go to Boogie Beach and the candy is on the counter of the shack.

candy quest 23

24.Go to the Ice Cream Shop and it’s on the chair.

25. Go to the Record Store and it’s before the first CD under the Rubyz poster.

candy quest 25

26. Go to the Coffee Shop and the candy is near the coffee maker.

candy  quest 26

27. Go to the Pizza Place and it’s on the counter.

candy quest 27

28. Go upstairs and it’s in the corner near the chomp game.

Hey guess what? Today I was looking for the last two, and I gave up. Then I searched for them and I’d like to give credit to Thanks for your help!

29. Go inside City Hall and it’s on top of the police sign.

candy quest 29

30. Go inside the License Room and it’s on the bush.

candy quest 30

Congrats! You completed the Candy Quest!

candy quest prize


108 comments on “Candy Quest Cheats

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  2. can u plz hurry up and find the last two i found one (not sure wich ) i really need it ive been at it for a week. the only reason i havnt given up yet is because i never have once in my life and sure can’t now helpppppp!!!!!!!!

  3. the practise room is at the recording studia. click the map then go to recording studio and there should be a door that says practise room.

  4. hi i am stuck on the same one as holly please help me please i have been trying for months and i wont give up cause i never give up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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