Extra! Extra! Need some great jokes!

Hey guys! HAven’t posted in a long time…

so, all the mayor wants is some really good music jokes. Also, here’s this week’s GCA: ewootons, tillybeenie and mrFANHULLE. Good job! you get free $2000! if you want free money, become a GCA! (no im kiding, but you can do that, but you should become a GCA because you were helpful.)

rAnDoM tHiNg: did you know in Washington DC there is an ITalian restaurant called Papa Razzi? And they have AWESOME breadsticks!


News for the new Year!

Hey wassup people? Haven’t posteed in a while….

So, you guys probably noticed all that snow…yeah well its gonna melt. 😦 That means our friend Frosty the Snowman is gonna die. BUT just temporarily. Heh, shouldn’t have said that. OH WELL!

Anyway, here’s the regular GCA winners: mollymol96, coolgirl1oo and prettychick45! yay congrats woo. ok, there’s nothing left.


random thing: have you guys heard the donut song? it goes like this:

Welllll, IIIII, walked around the corner
and i walked around the block
and i walked right into a donut shop
i scooped 2 donuts right out of the grease
and i handed the lady my 5 cent piece
weelllll sheeee looked at the nickel and she looked at me and she said this nickel is no good u see
theres a hole in the middle and it goes right through
i said lady theres a hole in the donut too
thanks for the donut
toodle loo

the tune is to Turkey in the Straw. haha. this is random. 😛 My classmates started singing it….

(thanks http://kidsongs.wordpress.com/2007/06/04/the-donut-song/ for the lyrics 🙂

New Quest! Halloweeen PArtay!!

 Hey Peeps! Wassup? Finally the Haloween Jammin Party is here! (refresh)

“Enjoy the spooky songs, new jammies and costume stuff, corn maze, fun decorations and the new Halloween Quest!  This week’s 5 winners of the Good Citizen Award are: Miriam004, BOOKSareGOOD, partyintheusa2, ashley924, and hannahhamster407.” the mayor.

There are parties at the Recording STudio, Treehouse(for members) and behind the theatre.

Here are the answers to the Corn Maze:


Here are the cheats:

1) go to the ampitheatre.

 2) Go inside Franktown Clothing Co.

3) Go inside the music store inside the actual store.

4) Go inside Rolf’s pizza place and go inside the kitchen.

5) go to rolf’s piza place and go upstairs.

6) Go inside City Hall.

7)Go inside the License room and it’s on the counter.

8)Go inside the press room and it’s in front of the podium.

9)Go inside the Rock school and its’ on a desk.

10) Go insid ehte library and it’s on a table.

11) Go insid ethe Sports Shop and it’s underneath the jetpacks.

12) Go inside the ice cream shop and it’s in the back near the window.

13)Go insid ethe fitness center.

14) Go inside the Barber shop.

15) go to the pool

16) go insid ethe movie theatre

17) Go inside the Rockz Shop

18) Go inside the coffee Shop

19)Go inside the REcord store.

20)Go to Boogie Beach.

Congrats! You finished the quest!

I will get pictures in a moment and continue finding the treats. Keep refreshing.

May News!

Hey! I know I haven’t posted in a long time…nothing was new. BUT there is good news!

First of all,(you might wonder why im writin in blue) BECAUSE THERES GIONG TO BE A NEW CITY SWIMMING POOL!! It’s not here yet, but its under construction. wouldnt it be awesome if there was  a special suit to go swimming? sorta like the greenness thingy.

Second thing; more rooms for us to decorate! yaya! but its for members. ONLY. i kno, sux 😦

Third; the Franktown Mall…coming soon, this summer!

Lastly, here are the GCA winners: youdontknow111, mymittens123, and amysoo44! Congrats to you guys! thanks for being a good citizen!

Well, that’s basically the news bulletin for this week. Stay tuned for more info!

-MinnyCapricornC  (:E   (emoicon wit crown! 😀 )

70’s Party! Free Membership!

Hey! It’s the 70’s this weekend!

There’s a party going on! Get the 70’s look and hang around like a bunch of disco dudes! This partay starts today!

You also get FREE membership for today AND tomorrow!

Here’s the GCA Award: aleksandar781631,  QAhamster, baylie1199. Congrats!


Also, you can go inside the Police office, but there’s not much there.

Free flower balloon outside the recording studio.

flower balloons

Free purple swirly balloons outside the music store.

purple swirly balloons

Free red circleish balloon in City Square.

circle red balloon

Magic Coin Quest(sorry it’s late guys)

Hey so I had a contest last week to see who would help out the most. Here are the results:

agent,.,. : 33

Franktown Rocks Cheats : 30

Emily: 19

arshad: 1

shaun : 2

And the winner is…agent,.,.!! Congrats and thanks for being such a good helper! You will win a free gift! And thank you to all who participated in this contest!

Magic Coin Quest

new shamrock wands and necklaces.for members leprechaun hats and beards.Coffee sho and mayors house has the parties.new game out for non-members march 18 on the mayor’s birthday.

Thanks to agent,.,. here are the Magic Coin Quest Cheats. I’ll get the rest soon.

1. there is a coin in the coffee chop on the tan couch.


2. go outside the coffee shop and its on the back of the other building next to it


3. coin in boogie beach on the bushes to the bottom left


4. go outside the sports shop in the upper right behind the building


5. coin outside the record store on the boogie beach sign


6. one outside the rockheadz store on the bottom left corner


7. there is one coin IN the rockheadz store on the orange cowboy hat


8. one IN the record store to the far middle left


9. coin in the theater.IN the popcorn machine!

10. coin BEHIND the theater in the dumpster

11. coin in the fitness center under the pink ball

12. coin outside the recording studio on the roof


13. one coin IN THE RECORDING STUDIO IN THE PRACTICE ROOM under the acoustic guitar

14. one IN the barbour shop in the plant in the upper right hand corner

15. coin in the ice cream shop in the upper right hand corner next to the gray machine

16. coin in the library right under the right railing

17. coin in the sports shop on the FTR coupe sign

18. coin in the rock school on the books to the LEFT next to the tom-toms

19. one coin in towns square on the pig statue

20. one coin in the pizza shop kitchen in the oven on the left

21. one coin in the rolfs rock room (in the pizza shop upstairs) in the upper left hand corner

22.coin in city hall next to the police door in the bottom right

23. one coin behind city hall on the building roof next to cityhall

24. coin in the clothing store in the scarf on the left

25. coin outside your house on the brown sidewalk thing

26. coin in the music store.then go to the store part and a coin is beside the pianos

27. coin in the boathouse bistro under the table that is closest to the kitchen game

28. coin in the park on the tree closest to the spinning wheel thing

29. coin in the ampitheater in the trees on the right corner

 30. it is behind the library on the tree farthest to the left.

Congratlations You Won The Magical Coins Quest