New Quest! New Maze! Photos! More!

Hey guys! Lotsa new for yall! (refresh) 

 Starting with the GCA: Coolcorz, Alexrules11, and amora123! Congrats! Thanks for being a great citizen!

There are parties at the coffee shop and behind the theatre. And theres snow!

Now for the new Ice Maze cheats!

1) Deck the halls with boughs of:    Holly –>

2)Jingle bells swing and jingle bells:  Ring –>

3) Then one _______ Christmas eve, Santa came to say:  Foggy (up)

4)How many ornaments are there on our Christmas Tree? : 12

5) ______ around the Christmas Tree: Rockin’ (up)

Congrats! You got through the Ice maze and now take a pic with SAnta!


Christmas Tree Quest 2010

1)go inside the boatshouse bistro and its inside one of the yellow lifesavers. (yellow)

2) go oustide the clothing store and its on the bench.(yellow striped)

3) go insid ethe clothing shop and its on top of the lamp(purple striped)

4) go inside the music store and its on the bottom of the desk.(orange diamond)

5) go insid ethe actual music store and its on top of the guitars.(red striped)

6) go inside rolfs pizza hut and its on top of the oven. (red circles)

7) go inside the kitchen adn its on the plates( red diamon)

8) Go up to Rolfes rock room adn its’ in the upper right hand corner on a table.(purple striped)

9) Go into City Hall and its  above the Mayors office sign.(purple diamond)

10) Go inside the license room and it’s on a chair.(blue striped)

11) Go inside the Press room and it’s on the wood floor(green diamond)

12) Go inside the rock school and it’s on top of the red guitar.(solid red)

13) Go outisde the library and its next to the backwards pig(red striped)

14) nGo inside the library and its on the top reailing(green striped)

15) go outsid ethe home furnishings and its on the roof infront of the name.(yellow diamond)

16) go inside home furningshing and its on top of the fridge(orange swirly)

17) (barber shop)

18) (sports shop) purple circle

19) Go to the City  Pool, and its on the chair.(orange striped)

20)Go inside the Fitness Center and its ontop of the blue paint can(blue diamond)

21)Go outside the theatreand its on top of the sign.(purple solid)


22)go insid ethe theatre and its on top of hte videos(blue striped)

23)go inside the Rockheadz store and itsnext to the top left screen(yellow striped)

24)Go insdie the coffee shop and its on the stage.(green solid)

25_)go inisd ethe record store and its on the notepad.(yellow circle)

26)go to Boogie Beach and its in the bushes


27)go inside hte recording studio and its on teh couch

28)go insid ethe practice room adn its on the floor below the guitar( blue solid)

29)go insid ethe ampitheatre and its on the orange tree(orange solid)

30) go inside the ice cream shop and its on the bush(green swirly

Congrats! You completed the quest!


New Quest! Halloweeen PArtay!!

 Hey Peeps! Wassup? Finally the Haloween Jammin Party is here! (refresh)

“Enjoy the spooky songs, new jammies and costume stuff, corn maze, fun decorations and the new Halloween Quest!  This week’s 5 winners of the Good Citizen Award are: Miriam004, BOOKSareGOOD, partyintheusa2, ashley924, and hannahhamster407.” the mayor.

There are parties at the Recording STudio, Treehouse(for members) and behind the theatre.

Here are the answers to the Corn Maze:


Here are the cheats:

1) go to the ampitheatre.

 2) Go inside Franktown Clothing Co.

3) Go inside the music store inside the actual store.

4) Go inside Rolf’s pizza place and go inside the kitchen.

5) go to rolf’s piza place and go upstairs.

6) Go inside City Hall.

7)Go inside the License room and it’s on the counter.

8)Go inside the press room and it’s in front of the podium.

9)Go inside the Rock school and its’ on a desk.

10) Go insid ehte library and it’s on a table.

11) Go insid ethe Sports Shop and it’s underneath the jetpacks.

12) Go inside the ice cream shop and it’s in the back near the window.

13)Go insid ethe fitness center.

14) Go inside the Barber shop.

15) go to the pool

16) go insid ethe movie theatre

17) Go inside the Rockz Shop

18) Go inside the coffee Shop

19)Go inside the REcord store.

20)Go to Boogie Beach.

Congrats! You finished the quest!

I will get pictures in a moment and continue finding the treats. Keep refreshing.

NEw Quest

Hey guys! FInally theres a new quest!!!

Its a Rainbow GUITAR PICK QUEST!!!!!!


 Herest he waktrhough!(im so exited i cants pell right!!!!)

1. go inside boathouse bistro and its on the wooden stage. (brown)

2. Go outside the boathosue bistro and its in the boat.(blue)

3. Go to the park adn its underneath the barbQ.

4. Go outsidethe ampitheatre adn its in the bushes above the sign.(light purple)

5. Go inside the ampitheatre adn its on the drums.(black)

6. Go to City Square adn its on the Pig above the time.(light green)

7. Go inside Rolfs Pizza Shop and its on the plates./(dark green)

8. Go to the kitchen and its nearby the trash can.(gray)

9. Go upstairs and its on the pink chair next to the guitar on the flor.(pink)

10. Go outside City Hall and its on the side of the front.(seafoam green)

11. Go inside City Hall and its on the right light thats next to the press room sign.(yellow)

12. Go inside the License room adn its on the poster.(yellow-orange)

13. Go inside the Press Room adn its on teh microphone.(dark blue)

14. Go to the Shred Park and its on the side of the fire pipe.(red/orange)

15. Go inside the Rock School adn its on the speaker(light reddish color)

16. Go outside the library adn its on the first pig;s hand.(hot pink!)

17. Go inside the library and its behind the couch thats closest to the Rockin Boxes game.(red)

18. Go outside the ice cream shop and its in the bush next to the sign.(green)

19. go inside the icecream shop and its on one of the ice cream cones on the counter.(dark red)

20. Go outside the barber shop and its ontop of the swirly thingy.(dark blue)

21. Go inside the REcording STudio and its on the computer.(white)

22. Go inside the Practice Room and its on the guitar.(light  brown)

23. Go outside the Fitness Center adn its on the photo booth.(purple)

24. Go inside the Fitness Center and its on teh poster.(yello-green)

25. Go inside the theatre and its on the popcorn machine.(dark pink)

26. Go insid ethe Coffee Shop and its underneath the cups.(dark dark brown)

27. Go outside the REcord Store and its on the Boogie Beach sign.(dark purple)

28. Go to the Boogie Beach and it’s on top of the shop thing.(light blue)

Ok well, I;m at the point where I dont know where the last three are. Now its time for OPEN HELP!

Thanks everyone and I hope these cheats help you! 🙂

Easter Egg Quest Cheats and more updates!

Hey guys, sorry it’s late…

So here’s the main stuff. There are 15 eggs in the hunt, it ends on April 12, and hte GCA goes to evangeline708, cuitestkatie and miggles1! Congrats!

Now heres the cheats for the egg hunt:(refresh) (Careful! look carefully, chances are someone’s blocking them!)

1. go to the park and its on the spinny thingy. (blue, green, orange)

2.go outside the ampitheatre and its under the sign(multi-striped one)

3. go outside the clothing store and it’s next to the bench. (orange, red, white checkered)

4.Go outside the music store and it’s on top of the electric guitar(pink polkadotted egg)

5.go outside your house and it’s under the bushes(footbal)

6.go to the city square and its on the pig statues back foot.(blue and yellow stripes)

7. Go outside of City hall and it’s under neath the tree (on the right of the building) (ladybug)

8. go behind city hall and it’s on a tree(on the top right) (camouflage)

9. go to the shred park and it’s next to the bar that’s on the left of the word”GRIND”(pink/purple happy easter)

10. go outside the libaray and its under the bench(green happy face)

11. go behind the library and it’s under a tree.(yellow/purple polkadotted and striped)

12. go outside the barber shop and it’s under the bush under the window sill.(white bunny)

13. go outside the fitness center and it’s in the corner of hte window sill.(blue starred)

14. go outside the tree house and it’s in the middel of the tire(green leaf)

15. go outside the record store and it’s under the big blue sign(green alien)

Congrats! you finished the easter egg hunt!

New Quest!

updates: (refresh)

Guess what? They changed the login and title  screen! Check it out:


Stix Quest

1. Go outside Boathouse Bistro adn it’s underneath the arch.

2. Go into the ampitheatre adn its tricky: its on the speaker on your right.

 3. Go inside the Record store and it’s on the floor in front of the desk.

4. Go to the Boogie Beach adn it’s in the upper right hand corner.

5. Go outside the Rockheadz store and its on top of hte roof.

6. Go inside the Rockheadz store and it’s next to the gray rock.

7. Go outside the tree house and it’s on the branch above the tire.

8. go outside the movie theatre and it’s right below the “C”

9. Go inside the Barber Shop and it’s in the upper left hand corner on the shelf.

10. Goo outside the fitness center and it’s on the bush over on the right.

11. Go inside the Fitness Center and it’s on the left side.(sorry, the pink thing was supposed to be the drum stick 😛

12. Go inside the Recording STudio and it’s on a leg of the table.

13. Go inside the practice room adn i’ts on the mike stand.

14. go outsidet the home furnishings and i’ts below the logo sign.

15. go inside the home furnishings and it’s above the logo”showroom”

16. go inside the library and it’s in the upper left hand corner.

17. go outside the rock school and it’s on the rail thingy.

18. go inside the rock school and it’s on top of the tv.

19. Go inside the pizza parlor and it’s in the upper left hand corner

20. Go inside the Kitchen and it’s mixed in with the cooking utensils.

21. Go outside the City Hall and it’s on the window on the left.

22. Go inside city hall and it’s on the wall in the upper left hand corner.

23. Go inside the license room adn it’s under the sign.

24. go inside the press room and it’s under the clock.

25. Go outside the music store and its on the ground.

26. Go inside the music store lobby and it’s on top of hte lamep

27. go inside the actual music store and its on top of the banner

28. Thanks to Carolking, go inside the sports shop and it’s inside the ball.

29. Thanks to agent,., , go inside the Boathouse and it’s on the right dolphin’s lap.


30 Thanks to Eficke sefia , go inside the movie theatre and it’s next to the trash can on the floor.


Congrats! u finsihed the quest!

Thanks to the ppl who helped me, I will make sure to gift them when the gifting thingy comes out!!

Hey! What’s up? There’s a new quest out today! It’s called…the Stix Quest. Here’s some info about it:

 Oh no! Mr. Mayor ordered a shipment of drumsticks & mallets for the Music Store he’s building in the new Franktown Mall but they never arrived!! Where did they go? Can you help Mr. Mayor find them by completing the new Stix Quest?!Stix Quest

Yes Mayor! We will help you!(cheats will be coming very soon today!)

New gifts?

Guess what? In a few weeks well be able to give out gifts to ppl! Is that awesome or what? Anything thats in ur inventory can be a gift to somebody! Or if you don’t want to gift someone, consider donating some to the Franktown Rock’s Charities You can get rid of the things you don’t want anymore

More news! The Franktown ppl are working on a…duh duh duh DAAAAA!!! A FRANKTOWN ROCKS SHOPING MALL!!! Both members andnonmembers can shop there! but it wont be done until a few months, but the maya’ said he’ll let us know when there almost done!

Facebook games?

 Yes, it’s true. They’re going to release a Franktown Rocks game version for Facebook!!! You’ll be able to perform shows and work your way up to become the Ultimate Rock Star of Franktown! This game will launch this summer.

GCA Award:

And the good citizen award goes to…hamstergirl12393, partyboy123 and sabrina44! Congrats, and thanks for being such a great citizen!!!

New Game! Plus…PJ Party!

Hey everyone! Sorry I didn’t post yesterday. I didn’t have time. So anywayz, the new game Four in a Row came out! It’s at the Barber Shop and you can play against someone else, or the mayor! So the mayor talked to the commitee people adn they said they’re too busy working on the HUGE Winter Party(coming in a few weeks! :D) So no PJ party now… 😦

Guess what though? The mayor thinks it’s not good enough so he’s setting one up himself! Woot! Go mayor! It’s gonna be a Super SECRET PJ party!  It’s going to be next weekend! Here are the details:

  • The Super Secret Pajama Party starts on November 20th at 16:00 Franktown Time.
  • Non-members will have their Super Secret Pajama Party in my office inside City Hall!! That’s right, for this party I am letting non-members in my office!
  • Members will have their Super Secret Pajama Party inside the Police Station.

Woot! So make sure you’re there! Here is the GCA: ShaylaNguyen8910, squirt11 and demirayan453! Congrats! BTW, thanks to Littlesqueaker, in teh RECYCLE QUEST, the newspaper is not on the race track, it’s on the floor in the bottom right hand corner. Thanks Littlesqueaker!

Drum Quest

Hey sorry, I forgot to post the Drum Quest. For all of you that are new, don’t worry, because I’ll post it this weekend. I’m too busy during the weekdays. Hope you understand! 🙂 Also, here’s the poll again(for the party)