100th Post!!

Hey ppels! its my 100th post!!! yea! ohhkay now.

So i jes wanted u to know for the poll, the ansa was hobbledehoy!

heres the results:

||||||||||||        hobbledehoy : 11.63 %

|||||||||||||||||| sooboye : 25.58%

||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| humphreack : 62.79%

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967 htis!

Hey ppls! Guess what…

WE GOT 967 hits!! Almost to 1000! man, so close this time!

Thanks everyone and keep coming here for more cheats! 😀

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10,000 hits!

Hey hey hey!! Guess what? Don’t geuss, ill tel u. we got 10,000 hits! That means…PARTY!!! Where should we do it? what time? comment here and i l hav a poll soon! WOOOOTTTT!!!

500 Hits!

Hey everyone! Guess What? Again, it went up. WhAt???? The Hits!!! It wen tup to 500 today! It’S aWeSoMe! Thanks all of you!  Always check back here for cheats! Come back for more!
500 Hits!

447 Hits!, 478 Hits Now!

We made it up to 478 Hits! WOOT!It’s climbing still! Thanks everyone! Keep visiting for more cheats!

478 hits

Hey everyone! Guess What? WE made it up to 447 hits today! And it’s climbing! Thanks everybody! Don’t be shy to comment if this helps you! Thanks again! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

447 hits!

IT’s Climbing!

Hey everyone! I checked my stats today, and it went up to 163! Thanks! Keep visiting! Vote for the poll!(party poll) Comment on it! ANd don’t forget to come back for the Halloween Party adn 1000 hit party! 😀 🙂 😉

163 hits!

137 Hits!

OMG! It wen tup to 137 hits! For today! WOOT! Thanks to all! Come back tomorrow too!! And tell all your friends on Franktown Rocks! to go here for help! And cheats! Vote on the poll! Comment on it! It’s on one of those posts…idk which one. THanks!!

137 hits!

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