Same Stufff

Hey guys…

Just the same old stuff. IF you have any ideas of what to add to make FTR AWESOME, then email the mayor.

THis weeks GCA: Valentinechick, woofellen and Princessice39! Congrats! You get $2,000 for helping out others.


Gup, lup, hahaha!! UR SO FUNNY! WHAT? ill hit you with my shoe.

Smile with tongue out


Earthquake, Tsunami, DISASTER!!




These are just a few of the many pictures of Japan. On Friday March 11, 2011, an 8.9 earthquake hit Japan, and a tsunami erupted at the same time. More than 10000 people have died so far, and many may be still out there. Devastation has struck. Whatever happens, we must hope for the best.

If you would like to know more, go to any news website or news channel on TV.

May those who suffered the wrath of the tsunami and earthquake rest in peace…


Hey peeps! REminders and news…

recruit at least two people to FTR. as a reward, we will all be members for eva!!! awesomo!

Also, heres the GCA:harshrpatel, IronManRocks, and VADOLL195! Congrats!

Membership Codes!

Hey guys! So, many of you have been asking for membership codes, and one of my viewers, ismail, has been helpful and showed me some codes. Thanks ismail!

Here are the codes:

And for 2000 franks:

Found the rest!

Hey guys! Finally found the rest!

But…I couldnt have done it without you guys again!

Here they are:

28. Go to the Boogie Beach and it’s on top of the shop thing.(light blue)

Thank you carol4293.

29. Go inside the barber shop adn its underneath the desk, on the right of the stool.(gray)

Thanks Yvonne.

30. Go outside the sports shop and its on the lamppost.(black)

Congrats! You completed the quest! Heres your prize

Thanks everyone and I hope these cheats help you!

New Add-on rooms!

Hey sorry I didn’t post erlier. I was on vacation. yea…
anyway, we can now attach new rooms to our home! YAy! 😮
Heres the instructions:
(1.) Go to the Home Furnishings store and click on the video wall. (2.) Go to the Home Decor page. (3.) Click on the Blue Print for the kind of room you want to buy. (4.) Once you buy it, that room is added to your house AND you get an elevator that allows you to go from room to room.

Also, members get 2 add-on rooms and nonmembers get 1 addon room. 😦 not fair.

Oh by the way, now we get free stuff in our rooms! and we get to buy more stuff!

Awesome right? ok! lol, im so weird…
k cya next time!

New Poll

Hey guys!

So  I have a new poll for you! It’ll be on the right side(like it aways is) so that’s basically it i guess.

Sorry I haven’t ben posting fun stuff. theres not much to tell u now tho. I hope the mayor gives us new quests in the summer!


Hey guys, I’m really sorry, but I can’t do the quest this weekend. I’m going skiing/snowboarding so ill be out pretty much of the weekend. actually the whole weekend. so i wont be able to give you guys cheats. 😥 However, I think I can count on you guys to tell each other or help others with the quest. Whoever helps the most will get a free gift!(once they come out of course. but if they do come out this weekend, tell me!) Do this by commenting! I’ll put up a post that you guys can comment on and help each other. So basically, this is a contest. Whoever helps the most, wins a free gift. Remember, I’m counting on you guys!

New update on page!

I updated on the Web Games Links, which is now Online Games/MC Tracker. It stil has the links for the games but it has a tracker for me if you want to see if i’m online. I’ve also added new games on too.