Christmas Tree Quest 2010 Cheats

Here are te Christmas Tree 2010 quest cheats!

There are parties at the coffee shop and behind the theatre. And theres snow!

Now for the new Ice Maze cheats!

1) Deck the halls with boughs of:    Holly –>

2)Jingle bells swing and jingle bells:  Ring –>

3) Then one _______ Christmas eve, Santa came to say:  Foggy (up)

4)How many ornaments are there on our Christmas Tree? : 12

5) ______ around the Christmas Tree: Rockin’ (up)

Congrats! You got through the Ice maze and now take a pic with SAnta!


Christmas Tree Quest 2010

1)go inside the boatshouse bistro and its inside one of the yellow lifesavers. (yellow)

2) go oustide the clothing store and its on the bench.(yellow striped)

3) go insid ethe clothing shop and its on top of the lamp(purple striped)

4) go inside the music store and its on the bottom of the desk.(orange diamond)

5) go insid ethe actual music store and its on top of the guitars.(red striped)

6) go inside rolfs pizza hut and its on top of the oven. (red circles)

7) go inside the kitchen adn its on the plates( red diamon)

8) Go up to Rolfes rock room adn its’ in the upper right hand corner on a table.(purple striped)

9) Go into City Hall and its  above the Mayors office sign.(purple diamond)

10) Go inside the license room and it’s on a chair.(blue striped)

11) Go inside the Press room and it’s on the wood floor(green diamond)

12) Go inside the rock school and it’s on top of the red guitar.(solid red)

13) Go outisde the library and its next to the backwards pig(red striped)

14) nGo inside the library and its on the top reailing(green striped)

15) go outsid ethe home furnishings and its on the roof infront of the name.(yellow diamond)

16) go inside home furningshing and its on top of the fridge(orange swirly)

17) (barber shop)

18) (sports shop) purple circle

19) Go to the City  Pool, and its on the chair.(orange striped)

20)Go inside the Fitness Center and its ontop of the blue paint can(blue diamond)

21)Go outside the theatreand its on top of the sign.(purple solid)


22)go insid ethe theatre and its on top of hte videos(blue striped)

23)go inside the Rockheadz store and itsnext to the top left screen(yellow striped)

24)Go insdie the coffee shop and its on the stage.(green solid)

25_)go inisd ethe record store and its on the notepad.(yellow circle)

26)go to Boogie Beach and its in the bushes


27)go inside hte recording studio and its on teh couch

28)go insid ethe practice room adn its on the floor below the guitar( blue solid)

29)go insid ethe ampitheatre and its on the orange tree(orange solid)

30) go inside the ice cream shop and its on the bush(green swirly

Congrats! You completed the quest!


3 comments on “Christmas Tree Quest 2010 Cheats

  1. where is the ballons and sleeping masks and they are not in the mayors room because i checked and the y werent any so can u post pictures to show both.

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