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Hey guys…

Just the same old stuff. IF you have any ideas of what to add to make FTR AWESOME, then email the mayor.

THis weeks GCA: Valentinechick, woofellen and Princessice39! Congrats! You get $2,000 for helping out others.


Gup, lup, hahaha!! UR SO FUNNY! WHAT? ill hit you with my shoe.

Smile with tongue out


Earthquake, Tsunami, DISASTER!!




These are just a few of the many pictures of Japan. On Friday March 11, 2011, an 8.9 earthquake hit Japan, and a tsunami erupted at the same time. More than 10000 people have died so far, and many may be still out there. Devastation has struck. Whatever happens, we must hope for the best.

If you would like to know more, go to any news website or news channel on TV.

May those who suffered the wrath of the tsunami and earthquake rest in peace…

Extra! Extra! Need some great jokes!

Hey guys! HAven’t posted in a long time…

so, all the mayor wants is some really good music jokes. Also, here’s this week’s GCA: ewootons, tillybeenie and mrFANHULLE. Good job! you get free $2000! if you want free money, become a GCA! (no im kiding, but you can do that, but you should become a GCA because you were helpful.)

rAnDoM tHiNg: did you know in Washington DC there is an ITalian restaurant called Papa Razzi? And they have AWESOME breadsticks!

GCA and… not much.

Hey peeps! Just reguala news today.

the Mayor added some new songs to the music player(if you didn’t know you could get music, well click on the radio icon at the bottome of your screen adn you can press the x to delete songs and click and drag songs you want)

He also wants new ideas for polls. Come on and bring out your craziness! this is a virtual world after all!

Here’s this week GCA winners: Atorres655, iloveorange and steelers1999. since they were being very helpful, they each get $2,000! Congrats!

Chek back for more news!


random fact: did you know that banana’s had potassium? and that pta

Hey Rockers! We have just added some rockin’ new songs to the music player.  Check them out!!  Can you please send me some fun ideas for new polls we can add?  This week’s Good Citizen award winners are Atorres655, iloveorange and steelers1999…they were each being kind and helpful to other players and have earned $2,000.  Great job!  Enjoy!
Your friend
Mayor Rockworth

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News for the new Year!

Hey wassup people? Haven’t posteed in a while….

So, you guys probably noticed all that snow…yeah well its gonna melt. 😦 That means our friend Frosty the Snowman is gonna die. BUT just temporarily. Heh, shouldn’t have said that. OH WELL!

Anyway, here’s the regular GCA winners: mollymol96, coolgirl1oo and prettychick45! yay congrats woo. ok, there’s nothing left.


random thing: have you guys heard the donut song? it goes like this:

Welllll, IIIII, walked around the corner
and i walked around the block
and i walked right into a donut shop
i scooped 2 donuts right out of the grease
and i handed the lady my 5 cent piece
weelllll sheeee looked at the nickel and she looked at me and she said this nickel is no good u see
theres a hole in the middle and it goes right through
i said lady theres a hole in the donut too
thanks for the donut
toodle loo

the tune is to Turkey in the Straw. haha. this is random. 😛 My classmates started singing it….

(thanks for the lyrics 🙂

2010 in review

The stats helper monkeys at mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall blog health:

Healthy blog!

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In 2010, there were 54 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 107 posts. There were 252 pictures uploaded, taking up a total of 5mb. That’s about 5 pictures per week.

The busiest day of the year was August 22nd with 974 views. The most popular post that day was Rainbow Guitar Pick Quest.

Where did they come from?

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Some visitors came searching, mostly for franktown rocks cheats, franktown rocks candy quest, franktown cheats, franktown rocks school quest, and franktown rocks recycle quest.

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Rainbow Guitar Pick Quest August 2010


School Quest September 2009


Recycle Quest September 2009


Candy Quest Cheats August 2009


Stix Quests February 2010

Thanks everyone for coming to the best FTR cheat site! Keep coming back!

And I almost forgot, and sorry it’s so late, HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Just news…

Hey wittle peopple! haha…i crack myself up.

anyways, here’s the news from the mayor!

 “If we all give it a BIG push this week we’re gonna be able to make your free memberships last FOREVER!  You can now post your Franktown game scores to Facebook or GiantHello.  (GiantHello is an awesome new site!  CLICK HERE to check it out.)  Please help bring more new players by sharing your game scores after every game! This week’s Good Citizen Award winners are coolprincesshamster, KATZEYEZ, and redrose27!”

So do it! Help out! Be good people!

-MC  [(:|>o

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Hey peeps! REminders and news…

recruit at least two people to FTR. as a reward, we will all be members for eva!!! awesomo!

Also, heres the GCA:harshrpatel, IronManRocks, and VADOLL195! Congrats!

New Quest! New Maze! Photos! More!

Hey guys! Lotsa new for yall! (refresh) 

 Starting with the GCA: Coolcorz, Alexrules11, and amora123! Congrats! Thanks for being a great citizen!

There are parties at the coffee shop and behind the theatre. And theres snow!

Now for the new Ice Maze cheats!

1) Deck the halls with boughs of:    Holly –>

2)Jingle bells swing and jingle bells:  Ring –>

3) Then one _______ Christmas eve, Santa came to say:  Foggy (up)

4)How many ornaments are there on our Christmas Tree? : 12

5) ______ around the Christmas Tree: Rockin’ (up)

Congrats! You got through the Ice maze and now take a pic with SAnta!


Christmas Tree Quest 2010

1)go inside the boatshouse bistro and its inside one of the yellow lifesavers. (yellow)

2) go oustide the clothing store and its on the bench.(yellow striped)

3) go insid ethe clothing shop and its on top of the lamp(purple striped)

4) go inside the music store and its on the bottom of the desk.(orange diamond)

5) go insid ethe actual music store and its on top of the guitars.(red striped)

6) go inside rolfs pizza hut and its on top of the oven. (red circles)

7) go inside the kitchen adn its on the plates( red diamon)

8) Go up to Rolfes rock room adn its’ in the upper right hand corner on a table.(purple striped)

9) Go into City Hall and its  above the Mayors office sign.(purple diamond)

10) Go inside the license room and it’s on a chair.(blue striped)

11) Go inside the Press room and it’s on the wood floor(green diamond)

12) Go inside the rock school and it’s on top of the red guitar.(solid red)

13) Go outisde the library and its next to the backwards pig(red striped)

14) nGo inside the library and its on the top reailing(green striped)

15) go outsid ethe home furnishings and its on the roof infront of the name.(yellow diamond)

16) go inside home furningshing and its on top of the fridge(orange swirly)

17) (barber shop)

18) (sports shop) purple circle

19) Go to the City  Pool, and its on the chair.(orange striped)

20)Go inside the Fitness Center and its ontop of the blue paint can(blue diamond)

21)Go outside the theatreand its on top of the sign.(purple solid)


22)go insid ethe theatre and its on top of hte videos(blue striped)

23)go inside the Rockheadz store and itsnext to the top left screen(yellow striped)

24)Go insdie the coffee shop and its on the stage.(green solid)

25_)go inisd ethe record store and its on the notepad.(yellow circle)

26)go to Boogie Beach and its in the bushes


27)go inside hte recording studio and its on teh couch

28)go insid ethe practice room adn its on the floor below the guitar( blue solid)

29)go insid ethe ampitheatre and its on the orange tree(orange solid)

30) go inside the ice cream shop and its on the bush(green swirly

Congrats! You completed the quest!