School Quest

school quest info

Here’s the School Quest Cheats:

1. Go outside the Sports Shop and it’s under the lamppost.(yellow notebook)

school quest pocket notebook

2. Go to Boathouse Bistro and the pen is on the top of the boat. (Rolf’s Pizza green pen)

school quest click pen rolfs pizza pen

3. Go outside Boathouse Bistro and the eraser is in the top left hand corner next to the tree.(eraser)

school quest eraser

4. Go inside the Music Store and it’s on top of the picture frame. (Tiny Tina’s red pen)

school quest red pen tiny tinas

5. Go inside the Store in the Music Store and it’s on the counter next to the cash register.(red pencil)

school quest red pencil

6. Go outside Rolf’s Pizza Shop and it’s on the red tiles.(red notebook)

school quest red pocket notebook

7. Go outside City Hall and it’s next to the Recycle Bin.(green notebook)

school quest green notebook

8. Go inside City Hall to the License Room and it’s on the counter.(Boathouse Bistro’s blue pen)

school quest blue boathouse bistro pen

9. Go into the Press Room and it’s under the stand(the thing that the mayor speaks into)(yellow pencil)

school quest yellow pencil

10. Go outside the Rock School and it’s next to the glass thing.(scissors)

school quest scissors

11. Go inside Rock School and it’s on the first desk next to the computer.(purple notebook)

school quest purple notebook

12. Go outside the Library and it’s next to the statues.(ruler)

school quest ruler

13. Go inside the Library and it’s on the book table that’s next to the pig statue head.(pink highlighter)

school quest pink highliter

14. Go inside the Barber Shop and it’s on the desk. (Rolf’s Pizza red pen)

 school quest red rolfs pizza pen

15. Go outside the Ice Cream Shop and it’s on the right of the ice cream. (pink eraser)

 school quest pink eraser

16. Go inside the Recording Studio and it’s next to the Jigsaw Puzzle.(green pencil)

school quest green pencil

17.Go next to the Photo Booth and it’s next to the flower pot.(blue notebook)

school quest blue notebook

18. Go into the Fitness Center and it’s on the counter next to the blenders.(orange pencil)

 school quest orange pencil

19. Go inside the Movie Theatre and it’s on the counter above the trash can.(blue highlighter)

school quest blue highlighter

20. Go inside the Rockheads store and it’s next to the pen on the left.(blue pencil)

school quest blue pencil

21. Go inside the Coffee Shop and it’s on the table next to the WordCube.(orange hightlighter)

school quest orange hightligher

22. Go outside the Record Store and it’s on the window sill without the curtain.(caculator)

school quest caculator

23. Go inside the Record Store and it’s next to the notepad.(black pen)

 school quest black pen

24. Go to Boogie Beach and it’ s on the floor or sand. (yellow highlighter)

school quest yellow highlighter

25. Go into the Practice Room in the Recording Studio and it’s on the music stand.(purple highlighter)

school quest purple highlighter

Congrats! You completed the School Quest!

school quest reward

You can now play the Recycle Quest! I’ll make sure to have those soon(so check back plz!)


111 comments on “School Quest

    • Are you sure you can’t find it? It’s right in front of the books on the right hand side in teh library. If you can’t find it, you may have already gotten it or its a bug.

    • well, im glad you found it. yea, probably isnt right, but some peopole hav a realy hard time finding these so, i created this.

  1. Yep you are.Where is the quest item that when you check how many items you have the one next to the calculator it’s missing!I checked your blog it’s not there!

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  3. i have two questions for u:
    1=do u play club penguin?? and if u do i am master 4444 on it
    2=and in ftr i am taqihaider then add me

  4. i cant find the yellow highlighter. i checked in Boogie Beach on the sand/floor but its not there what shall i do? this is i think the third time doing the quest (cos i always make new accounts) and i dont think this has happened to me
    before. what shall i do?

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