Stix Quests

Stix Quest

I’m doing a new thing about if you help me with the ones i cant find, the first one who finds them(the ones i need help on) will win a free accesory/clothing when it comes out! So I owe: agent,.,., Eficke sefia, and Carolking!

1. Go outside Boathouse Bistro adn it’s underneath the arch.

2. Go into the ampitheatre adn its tricky: its on the speaker on your right.

 3. Go inside the Record store and it’s on the floor in front of the desk.

4. Go to the Boogie Beach adn it’s in the upper right hand corner.

5. Go outside the Rockheadz store and its on top of hte roof.

6. Go inside the Rockheadz store and it’s next to the gray rock.

7. Go outside the tree house and it’s on the branch above the tire.

8. go outside the movie theatre and it’s right below the “C”

9. Go inside the Barber Shop and it’s in the upper left hand corner on the shelf.

10. Goo outside the fitness center and it’s on the bush over on the right.

11. Go inside the Fitness Center and it’s on the left side.(sorry, the pink thing was supposed to be the drum stick

12. Go inside the Recording STudio and it’s on a leg of the table.

13. Go inside the practice room adn i’ts on the mike stand.

14. go outsidet the home furnishings and i’ts below the logo sign.

15. go inside the home furnishings and it’s above the logo”showroom”

16. go inside the library and it’s in the upper left hand corner.

17. go outside the rock school and it’s on the rail thingy.

18. go inside the rock school and it’s on top of the tv.

19. Go inside the pizza parlor and it’s in the upper left hand corner

20. Go inside the Kitchen and it’s mixed in with the cooking utensils.

21. Go outside the City Hall and it’s on the window on the left.

22. Go inside city hall and it’s on the wall in the upper left hand corner.

23. Go inside the license room adn it’s under the sign.

24. go inside the press room and it’s under the clock.

25. Go outside the music store and its on the ground.

26. Go inside the music store lobby and it’s on top of hte lamep

27. go inside the actual music store and its on top of the banner

28. Thanks to Carolking, go inside the sports shop and it’s inside the ball.

29. Thanks to agent,., , go inside the Boathouse and it’s on the right dolphin’s lap.


30 Thanks to Eficke sefia , go inside the movie theatre and it’s next to the trash can on the floor.


Congrats! u finsihed the quest!


75 comments on “Stix Quests

  1. i have found one.its the black brush like item,the one thats not outside the music store(the 2nd one).it is in the boathouse bistro on the dolphin to the right.go franktown!!!!

  2. hey everyone spring is coming and were gonna have more daylight.march 12-22 there will be a big party.It will celebrate St.Patricks day and the MAYOR’S BIRTHDAY.the new game is out for members in the treehouse.on march 17th it will be open for non-members too.i think there is another quest coming out.but there will be new cloths too!

      • Thanks, Shaun! I couldn’t find the the 27, but thanks o you, I found it, you said, that it is in the music store the top banner! Thanks!
        And also, Thanks to you, Minnycapricorn!

  3. #26 is in the left hand corner inside the music store and you will kind of see two green lamps and its right there and my username on franktown is _KREAYSHAWN_ and im usually in the cofee shop or the boathouse so if you see me mail me that you saw me on this website please thank you!

  4. thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i finished this is the best day ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i love this is the best website ever!!!!!!!!

  5. And thanks so much.
    I used every one of your cheat up to this and i finished all my quests so far.
    I am now up to magic coin quest and i am gonna use your next cheat.

  6. the things really helped me in completing my quests…… but in the first i couldn’t find the 27 one in the music store ….. thanks to minny cappricorn

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