Online Games/MC Tracker

Here are the Games I play:


Fantasy Online:  (user:Cranidos)

Remnants of Skystone:




Franktown Rocks!:


Club Penguin:

Bin Weevils:

Fungamesarena: (I recommend you play Crush the Castle, if you like fighting)

Armor Games: (I recommend you play This is the Only Level. lol. And if you liked Crush the Castle, play Crush the Castle: Player’s Pack.)

Wiglington and Wenks:

Planet Cazmo:

My user names are either DragonNature, dmhDragonNature, CapricornC, MinnyCapricornC, or CapricornCthe1st. If you see me, you can tell me you’ve seen my website, and I will add you. 🙂

MinnyCapricornC Trackers

Here is the tracker to see if I’m online.  (refresh)




About me:

I am a dedicated hamster on Franktown Rocks! I usually play on the weekends, though not always. I play lots of other online games such as Club Penguin and Chobots. You can see the other games on the Web Game Links page. I am also a proud member and author of KBS. KBS is the Kid Blogger Society. It’s where authors of website blogs meet together from different virtual worlds. To go there, go on the blogroll. My badge is also in the sidebar. If you have any questions, or things like that, feel free to email me at

9 comments on “Online Games/MC Tracker

  1. I play frank town,clubnpenguin tootsville chobots vantage secret builders and poptropica If you wanna know my name on club penguin user name is Supercutie29 superstar1 or no 1 or zhuzhuhamster

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